Online Lesson Plans That Are Easy to Share & Fun to Use

Gynzy lessons are standards-aligned and enriched with games, activities, discussions and images to keep students engaged.

Our online lesson plans keep teachers and students connected and engaged, whether in a classroom or online learning environment. Lessons from Gynzy are standards-aligned and enriched with fun learning games images and YouTube videos, and classroom management tools.

Our standards-aligned lesson plans cover topics such as:

Customize Gynzy Lessons, Or Create Your Own

One of the reasons users rely on Gynzy is because we make it easy to create your own lesson plans from scratch. You can also customize any of our pre-made lessons to fit the unique needs of your classroom.

Get started by browsing the Library for a lesson plan, game, or activity that you think your class would enjoy. You can then begin re-arranging elements, adding new text boxes or sticky notes, or inserting widgets, timers, and other tools directly into the lesson. 

It’s easy to add new pages to your lesson. Simply click the number counter on the bottom right of your screen to pull up the different pages in the lesson. Then select a slide and click the blue plus sign that appears to add a new slide, or hit the trash can icon to delete the slide you selected. 

Gynzy provides educators with all the tools they need to build quality digital lesson plans. The only limit is your creativity!

Organize Your Lessons for Easy Access

Part of the convenience of online learning is having one location that everybody can access lesson plans. Luckily, Gynzy makes it easier than ever for educators to organize their lesson plans so that colleagues, parents and students can quickly find and use them. 

Gynzy allows users to customize the folder structure of saved lessons to fit the needs of your specific learning community. To further improve the accessibility of your online lesson plans, Gynzy is also integrated into Google Classroom for easy sharing. You can also favorite items from the Library for easy access later!

Interactive Lesson Plans to Keep Students Engaged

All of our digital lesson plans are designed to keep students engaged, no matter if they are in a classroom or online learning environment, like Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet. Gynzy is easy for students to use, and easy to enrich with widgets, pictures, YouTube videos and more. 

Many of our lessons involve some sort of discussion prompt. This gives students a great opportunity to group together or partner off and have quality social interaction over an online learning platform like Zoom. Our lessons also follow a logical structure that encourages students to participate and discuss among one another. Keep your class connected with Gynzy!

Be sure to take advantage of the image library that’s built into the board. Search Gynzy images or even images right from Google and use them to enrich your lessons. Students can also use images to answer questions in collaborative settings. Combined with learning games, discussion prompts, and classroom activities, Gynzy is designed specifically for the modern student, in the modern classroom. 

Online Lessons Created By Teachers, For Teachers

Our lessons are created by our team of Gynzy authors, all of whom are or were teachers themselves.

That means they are standards-aligned, easy to use, and fun for both students and teachers!.