What Are Sight Words?

Empower early readers by growing their vocabulary with common words

Sight words are frequently used words that children learn to recognize immediately, without having to sound out the word or guess at their meaning. Perhaps the best-known sight word lists are the Dolch Sight Words, made up of 220 common words with an additional 95 nouns. Also well-known are the Fry Sight Words, which was expanded to include the most common 1,000 words. 

Teachers often work from an existing list and then modify them to fit the needs of their students. By establishing this foundation of commonly used words, students can focus on understanding words and concepts they are less familiar with.

As a building block for student literacy, sight words give students an opportunity to better understand what they read. Our English lessons are filled with engaging activities that present the words in context and in sentences so students can relate the words to their own lives. 

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Teaching Sight Words

Teachers have flexibility in which sight words they choose to teach first. Gynzy offers a comprehensive selection of Kindergarten sight word lesson plans for students who have a basic grasp of a few “pre-primer” sight words. We also offer lessons for students in first grade and up, who have mastered some of the most common Kindergarten sight words listed earlier:

These lessons are available for you to use as is, and you can confidently use them knowing they were created by our team of Gynzy authors, who are made up of teachers and other educational professionals. You can also customize these lessons to fit the needs of your classroom, and then save them to your folder to access later.

Two other tools you can use to create or customize your own learning materials are Hangman and the Flashcard tool. These tools give teachers the ability to review sight words with their students in a way that is memorable and engaging, whether in the classroom or an online learning environment!

More ELA Lessons from Gynzy

Gynzy offers hundreds of pre-made lessons in a variety of subjects that are fully customizable and enriched with activities, images, class discussions, and more. Our lesson plans are aligned with Common Core standards and cover a range of subjects covering phonics, grammar and reading comprehension.

It is also important to us that our lessons are enriched with plenty of games, images, videos, discussion prompts, and class activities so that students have multiple ways to engage with what they are learning. Learn why so many teachers rely on Gynzy!