Sight Words for Kindergarten

Empower early readers by growing their vocabulary with lesson plans from Gynzy.

Sight words are frequently used words that children learn to recognize immediately, without having to sound out the word or guess at their meaning.

Perhaps the best-known sight word lists are the Dolch Sight Words, made up of 220 common words with an additional 95 nouns. Also well-known are the Fry Sight Words, which was expanded to include the most common 1,000 words. 

Teachers often work from an existing list and then modify them to fit the needs of their students. By establishing this foundation of commonly used words, students can focus on understanding words and concepts they're less familiar with.

Sight Words Lesson Plan

Our lesson library contains many Kindergarten sight word lesson plans for students who have a basic grasp of a few “pre-primer” sight words.

You'll also find lessons for students in first grade and up, who have mastered some of the most common Kindergarten sight words:

Try customizing your lessons with a game of Save the Robot (Hangman) or Flashcards!

It's a fun and engaging way to review sight words with students whether in the classroom or an online learning environment.

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