Learning about mindfulness (K-2)

Learning about mindfulness (K-2)

I can practice mindfulness techniques.

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Learning about mindfulness (K-2)

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Mindfulness techniques can help calm students’ minds and make them better learners. In this introductory lesson, students learn to slow down, breathe, and notice their surroundings.

Learning objective

Students will be able to practice mindfulness techniques to calm their “puppy minds.”


Begin by asking students to share if they have ever had a puppy or spent time with one. How do puppies behave? They can be restless and excited and sometimes we behave that way too! Click the link to watch the video of the reading of the story “Puppy Mind” by Andrew Jordan Nance. Explain that you can train your “puppy mind” by using mindfulness techniques.


Explain that mindfulness is slowing down and stopping to notice what is happening in the moment. Practice by having students stand up and jump when you say “puppy mode” and sit down to notice their surroundings when you say “mindful mode.” Next, take some time to stop and breathe slowly. Then have students notice and make observations about their surroundings. Reflect on how it feels to do this exercise. Finally, explain that we should be patient and kind to ourselves when we have a puppy mind.


Read each example and determine whether or not it is an example of puppy mind or mindfulness.

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