Digital Whiteboard for Teachers

Explain concepts, deliver lessons, and inspire students with Gynzy.

A digital whiteboard supercharges learning by making it dynamic and hands-on. 

With the digital whiteboard at the heart of modern classrooms, learning is more interactive than ever. But it's more than just presenting; it's about making students a vital part of the learning adventure!

As with any tech solutions there can be a learning curve. But that’s why we’re here! We're on a mission. A mission to provide interconnected and easy-to-use teaching resources that’ll bring your classroom’s interactive whiteboard to life!

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Using a Digital Whiteboard for Teaching

Leerkracht voor de klas

Modern classrooms now hum with the vibrant energy of digital discovery. Teachers? They've transformed from information providers to spirited guides, ushering students through the world of online wonders and lighting the torch of curiosity and critical thinking!

Digital whiteboards are tools that can help bring your teaching game to the next level. 

Watch as they captivate students while delivering lessons that feel just right for them. From audio, video, and a range of interactive tasks, there's something for the listener, the watcher, and the doer in every class.

The Gynzy Digital Whiteboard

Gynzy is your teaching sidekick from morning attendance until final dismissal. 
We've felt the challenges you face, and that's why our digital whiteboard is designed with you in mind. Let’s dive in!

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Draw & Highlight
Make every pixel your playground! Draw, highlight, and adapt in real-time so you can respond to your class's vibe on a whim.

Multimedia & Interactivity
Amp up your lessons with multimedia. Add images, embed video, and let games, activities, and quizzes take center stage when the time is right.

Don’t forget the details! Switch up the look and feel of your lessons and watch information stick like glue.

Ready to start saving more time? From agenda slides to lesson building, less prep means more pep in your teaching step!

Digital Manipulatives
Turning abstract thoughts into tangible wonders. With our digital whiteboard those handly tools are always at your fingertips.

Using a Digital Whiteboard: Tips for Success

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Success starts with a little bit of preparation! Before leaping into those engaging lessons, take a moment to discover the basic features and interactions. This little investment guarantees smooth sailing while you’re in front of your students.

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You're part of a vibrant teacher tribe at your school, so lean on it! Swap stories, trade tricks, and navigate together. There's strength in unity, and together, the digital frontier seems a lot friendlier.

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Learning never stops, and neither should our evolution. Gather feedback from co-workers and students so you can elevate each and every lesson.

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