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What is Gynzy?

Gynzy is an educational software for classroom touchscreens, enabling interactive lessons and better student engagement. This software is the result of 15 years of development with a team of 80 people who are passionate about education.

#1 educational software in The Netherlands
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45k+ daily users in 180+ countries (and growing)

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Are you a manufacturer or a distributor for IFPD / IWB technology?

With Gynzy on your screens (optionally white labeled), you’ll ship a competitive, feature-complete solution that helps schools get the most from their new technology.

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User-friendly digital whiteboard

Gynzy turns traditional instruction into an interactive experience that’s intuitive and easy to use.


Access 2,000+ ready-to-teach lessons

Gynzy contains lesson templates across core topics that are customizable to any curriculum. Topics include math, language, science, social studies, and social-emotional learning.

Build interactive lessons with 100+ tools

With Gynzy, teachers can unleash their creativity with live participation, interactive widgets, and learning tools to keep students engaged.

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gynzy classroom quiz on an interactive whiteboard

Quick access to games and activities

Gynzy offers energizers, brain breaks, and customizable games at a moment’s notice.

Reinforce lesson material, transition between topics, or just have some fun!

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