Use common and proper nouns

Use common and proper nouns

I can identify and use common and proper nouns.

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Use common and proper nouns

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Nouns are among the most common and recognizable word types in English. Nouns are also an accessible entry point into different word categories because they tend to be concrete.

It is important that students are eventually able to distinguish between common and proper nouns, particularly in reference to capitalization.

This lesson helps students identify the difference. One slide asks students to brainstorm common nouns by whether they are a person, place, or thing. Different types of proper nouns, such as holidays, names of people, and days of the week and months of the year, are also reviewed.

Other slides involve dragging nouns across your Interactive Whiteboard, tablet, or computer to categorize them correctly. Student participation in these class activities is encouraged.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and use common and proper nouns.


Students will name nouns and put them into the categories of "person," "place," and "thing." Explain why it is important to identify common and proper nouns.


Introduce common and proper nouns. Show students examples of each. Students will circle the nouns that they would capitalize in a sentence. Next, they will sort nouns into the correct column: "Common" or "Proper." They will read complete sentences by dragging the correct noun. They will also turn common nouns into proper nouns (and vice versa).


Students are presented with ten different nouns and asked to identify whether they are common or proper.


Students will recall:
- Why is it important to know the difference between common and proper nouns?
- What do you know about common and proper nouns?

Lastly, students will listen to words from the text-to-speech tool, and they will sit if the noun is a common noun and stand up if the noun is a proper noun.

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