Characteristics of mammals

Characteristics of mammals

I can describe mammals by their characteristics.

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Characteristics of mammals

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In this lesson, students learn about the characteristics of mammals which include having fur, breathing air, and giving birth to live young. They’ll be able to identify mammals and non-mammals and accurately describe their features.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the features of mammals and correctly identify them.


To begin, students observe two images of mammals. Have students think of an “I notice…” and an “I wonder...” statement.


Explain what characteristics are and begin to list and explain the characteristics of mammals: Mammals breathe air and they give birth to babies. They also have fur and are warm-blooded. Ask students if they think humans are mammals. How do they know? Students then drag the characteristics to fill in the graphic organizer. After this, students will read a passage about mammals. Then they will read the statements and fill in the blanks using the information provided in the passage. Next, have students fill in the circle map. They can use the text or pencil tool to write about characteristics, specific facts, or even examples of mammals. Next, students drag animals to sort into “mammals” and “not mammals.”. Finally, students drag to sort the characteristics.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions about the characteristics of mammals. They will also look at pictures of different animals and decide which are mammals and which are not.


Students will draw a picture of their favorite mammal and label the parts of the animal that show that it is a mammal.

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