Rainforest animals
Rainforest animals

Rainforest animals

I know about the animals of the rainforest.

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Created for Gynzy by: Kazandra Estorque

This lesson will introduce students to the many animal species that live in the rainforest. Students will review the characteristics of the rainforest that learned in the “Habitats: Rainforest” lesson. They will also learn about the rainforest’s biodiversity, fun facts about the species of animals found in the rainforest, and the importance of these species. The lesson will also educate students about ways they can help endangered rainforest animals.


Next Generation Science Standards:
4- ESS3-2

Common Core State Standards:

Learning objective

Students will be able to recall some animal species that live in the rainforest and a fact about each animal. Students will also be able to name ways they can help endangered animals that live in the rainforest.


Students will review what they know about rainforests. They will talk about biodiversity and the reasons rainforests are being destroyed. Students will also learn about the different conservation status categories that show the risk of species becoming extinct.


Students will be introduced to many animals that live the rainforest, including the pink river dolphin, orangutan, sloth, red-eyed tree frog, and more! They will learn fun facts about each one. Students will also play a game where they spin the wheel and say one thing they learned about an animal. They will then discuss ways to help rainforest animals.


Students will review what they learned about rainforest animals by answering a few questions about the lesson.

Teaching tips

This lesson can be a good introduction to a research unit on animals. Encourage students to find out more about the animals in this lesson and other animals that live in the rainforest.

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