Characteristics of Amphibians

Characteristics of Amphibians

I can describe the characteristics of amphibians.

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Characteristics of Amphibians

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In this lesson, students learn about the characteristics of amphibians which include having moist skin, being cold-blooded, and laying many eggs. They’ll be able to identify amphibians and non-amphibians and accurately describe their features.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the features of amphibians and correctly identify them.


To begin, students observe an image and discuss the animals they recognize. Ask students if they can use prior knowledge to categorize any of the animals they see. For example, how many insects can they find? What about birds? Point out the frog to students and explain that frogs are amphibians.


Explain what characteristics are and begin to list and explain the characteristics of amphibians: Amphibians breathe through their skin and they lay eggs in water. They are also cold-blooded and live in both land and water. Students then drag the characteristics to fill in the graphic organizer. After this, students read statements about amphibians and use the pencil tool to determine if the statements are true or false. Next, have students unscramble the letters and then drag them to fill in the blanks with the correct words. Then students complete a fun crossword puzzle. Finally, have students spin the wheel and answer the questions.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions about the characteristics of amphibians. They will also look at pictures of different animals and decide which are amphibians and which are not.


Students will draw a picture of an amphibian and label the parts of the animal that show that it is an amphibian. Then they will write a description of the animal. A printable worksheet is included for this activity!

Instruction materials

There is a printable worksheet for the closing activity.

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