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Interactive Learning with Gynzy

Explore games and activities designed for interactive whiteboards in schools. 

The education landscape is evolving, and interactive learning stands as a beacon, bridging tried-and-true teaching techniques with the digital movement sweeping through our schools.

Today's classrooms, supercharged with tech and molded by the unique demands of contemporary students, look different from those just ten years ago. Whether it's telling time, math manipulatives, or counting money, these skills are now taught using digital tools.

Now, teachers are geared up to tap into the latest and greatest in educational tech, not just to elevate learning but to meet every student right where they are. In this dynamic setting, education isn't just about broad strokes; it's a tailored journey for each learner.

The Basics of Interactive Learning for Teachers

Interactive learning shines brightly in three principles. 

Number 1
Student-centered learning

Think of it as education's GPS, recalibrating based on each student’s needs. It reshapes tools and techniques, ensuring that learning truly resonates with every individual. 

Number 2

The secret sauce to a well-rounded education. By championing teamwork and peer interactions, it transforms classrooms into vibrant hubs of shared insights. 

Number 3
Feedback and assessment

It's like having a real-time pulse on progress, allowing educators to tweak and refine their strategies, driving stellar student achievements.

The Digital Revolution in Elementary Education

Gone are the days when digital tools played a supporting role in the classroom. Now, they're front and center on the interactive whiteboard. 

Picture learning experiences fine-tuned to each student's rhythm, ensuring everyone moves forward together. Students aren’t just learning; they're thriving, fueled by vibrant and interactive content.

Power-Packed Smartboard Adventures with Gynzy

With Gynzy, interactive learning comes to life!  Let's discover some of the interactive whiteboard experiences that are taking classrooms by storm.

save the robot

Save the Robot (Hangman)

Enhance student spelling and vocabulary skills with 'Save the Robot' – customize it with your chosen words to align with your teaching goals, providing a dynamic and fresh learning experience every time.


Game Show

Lights, camera, action! Channeling the thrill of a Jeopardy-style quiz, Gynzy Game Show is all about quick thinking and dazzling displays of knowledge. Tailoring questions to sync with your lessons is a breeze.



It's a visual fiesta where matching takes center stage. Boosting focus and memory, these games come in delightful themes like playful animals, holidays, and more, speaking to every student's heart.


Brain Breaks and Energizers

It’s no secret that younger learners are balls of energy! Use brain breaks as mini-adventures to shake off the sit-down blues. And for that zestful recharge? Introduce energizers to shake off any hint of a snooze, especially after those hearty lunches.

math challenge

Math Challenges

Be it arithmetic warm-ups or geometric wonders, fun activities are a great way to knock out the math jitters and spark a love of numbers!

Interactive Learning on the Digital Whiteboard: Tips for Success

lessons plans


Success starts with a little bit of preparation! Before leaping into those engaging activities, take a moment to discover the basic features and interactions. This little investment guarantees smooth sailing while you’re in front of your students.


 You're part of a vibrant teacher tribe at your school, so lean on it! Swap stories, trade tricks, and navigate together. There's strength in unity, and together, the digital frontier seems a lot friendlier.


Learning never stops, and neither should our evolution. Gather feedback from co-workers and students so you can elevate each and every interaction.