Gynzy Professional Development

Our goal is to empower teachers to unlock the full potential of interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

Gynzy Professional Development is designed to guide you through mastering the tips, tools, and techniques that enable you to get the most out of the technology that’s already available to you!

Because Gynzy is a web-based platform, this professional development course is perfect for any teacher who wants to build interactive learning experiences that are engaging and motivating for students.

  • Enhance your digital skills: Gain confidence and competence in integrating digital tools into your daily routine.

  • Boost student engagement: Learn strategies to increase student participation and motivation.

  • Earn recognition: Receive digital badges and certificates to showcase your achievements and expertise.

  • Join a community: Become part of a supportive network of teachers who are passionate about transforming education through interactive technology.

Using a Digital Whiteboard for Teaching

pd lessons 1& 2

Gynzy-Certified Teacher

Start by learning the fundamental tools and features you can use on any interactive whiteboard or projector!

At the end of each module you’ll receive a digital badge that you can share.

Gynzy-Certified Expert (Coming soon)

Transform your teaching routine with strategies for classroom management and student engagement!

  • Module 3: Managing the Classroom

  • Module 4: Improving Student Engagement

At the end of each module you’ll receive a digital badge that you can share.

pd lessons 2-3

How It Works

  1. Log in to Gynzy. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.

  2. Open a module and save it to your My Lessons folder.

  3. Practice and learn at your own pace. 

  4. Spread the word! Share your badges and certificates on social media, professional networks, and your email signature to highlight your new skills!