Characteristics of insects

Characteristics of insects

I can describe insects by their characteristics.

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Characteristics of insects

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In this lesson, students learn about the characteristics of insects which include three main body parts, six legs, antennae, and an exoskeleton. They’ll be able to identify insects and accurately describe their features.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the features of insects and correctly identify them.


To begin, have students observe the image on the interactive whiteboard. They will make observations with an "I notice..." and an "I wonder..." statement. Students might notice that some of the bugs had wings or that they all have many legs. Ask if anyone can identify the creatures they see.


Explain what characteristics are and begin to list and explain the characteristics of insects: Insects have 3 main body parts, they have 6 legs, they have antennae, and they have an exoskeleton. Explain that some, but not all insects have wings. Students then drag the characteristics to the boxes on the graphic organizer. After this, students will fill in the blanks by dragging the correct words to label the parts of the insect. Next, they’ll draw a line to match the insect body part to its description. After this, students will participate in an insect "I spy..." They will drag the magnifying glass to all of the insects they see hidden in the picture. You can drag the image aside to see the answers underneath. Finally, use the spinner to answer questions about insects.


Students respond to ten true or false and multiple-choice questions. Students look at pictures of different animals and decide which are insects and which are not.


To conclude, go over the learning objective and review the characteristics discussed. Finally, students will read and listen to the description of a specific type of insect. In this case, it is a wasp or a bee. As students listen to the description, they will draw a picture of what they hear. They can do this on a separate sheet of paper. Have students label their drawings to show all parts of an insect.

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