Daily social emotional learning activities (4-8)
Daily social emotional learning activities (4-8)

Daily social emotional learning activities (4-8)

I can grow in my social and emotional skills.

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Students will learn a variety of fun activities that support social-emotional learning.

Learning objective

Students will be able to grow in their social and emotional skills.


The lesson begins with a table of contents that links to different activities.


Activities include: Emotion Check-In, 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise, Spread Kindness, 4-7-8 Breathing, Differences & Similarities, Name The Feeling, Object Scan, Guided Meditation, Rip It Up, Journaling, Empathy Checklist, Draw It Out.

Teaching tips

Take the time to go through the activities before trying to present them to the class. Some activities will be better suited to your class or your preferred teaching style.

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