Number line

Number line

Create number lines from 1 to 10,000.

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Use a number line to enhance the understanding of numbers, compare numbers, and assist with calculations and place value.


This allows you to set the range of the number line. You can choose from different ranges from 0 - 10 to 0 - 10,000.

Here you can choose the display of the ticks on the number line. You can choose from 10 structure, 5 structure, or no tick marks.

Extra options
The additional options allow you to show or hide certain functions of the tool: the label buttons, slider buttons, and the buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the scale.

Teaching tips

• Scroll the number line to the right (using the left-hand slide arrow) to show the negative numbers.
• Using the pencil tool, annotate the number line with curved arrows above the line (from the first addend to the sum) to visualize addition. To show subtraction, draw curved arrows below the line.

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