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A-Z Letter Recognition Activities (Teach the Alphabet)

November 29, 2021
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Reading and writing are two of the most important skills students learn and improve on throughout school. Young students just learning to read and write can start by learning to recognize letters and sound them out. Our series of lessons on the alphabet includes an array of fun activities designed to help students quickly recognize letters, sound them out, and learn to write them.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the types of activities included in these lessons to help learn the letters of the alphabet. If you’re an educator interested in teaching students to become better readers and writers, you can also check out our sight word lessons to help students advance from letter recognition to being able to quickly decode commonly occurring words.

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Hear the Letter, Write the Letter

Each letter lesson contains the same set of activities to help students recognize the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter being taught. This is also supported by our text-to-speech tool which will pronounce the letter so students can hear it. Next, they get a chance to decorate the letter by dragging images onto it.

After students have fun decorating the uppercase and lowercase letters, they can practice writing the letter. This starts by tracing the letter to make the introduction easier. Then, they can start writing the letters for themselves by following the video and arrow guides and writing on our lined paper templates.

If you want to help students continue practicing their handwriting, explore our handwriting practice lessons which cover numbers and letters in print and cursive.

Recognize the Letter

Once students can individually recognize and sound out a letter, they can practice identifying the letter when it’s actually written. In one activity, students are shown an array of images with letters on them, and asked to identify the letter being discussed in the words shown.

In another activity, students are shown objects and asked to sound out the words. Then, they are asked if they hear the letter being discussed, and if it comes at the beginning or in the middle of the word.

To summarize what students have learned, each of these lessons comes with a fun letter song to remind students how to pronounce, write, and recognize the letter being covered. If your students respond to this section, consider trying our letter songs activity, which includes 5 different songs for each letter!

Letter Recognition Activities

To wrap things up and help students have fun practicing the concepts they learned, each lesson ends with fun activities including a word search and a matching game to help students recognize different uppercase and lowercase letters.

We also offer other educational games and activities to help students recognize letters and decode words:

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