Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic

Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic

I can describe the early days of Rome.

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Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic

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In this lesson, students explore the early days of Rome, learning how Rome started out as a monarchy then became a republic and finally, an empire. This lesson covers the time between the founding of Rome through the death of Caesar Augustus.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to analyze the rise of the Roman Republic to determine its significance to future societies. They will also explain the significance of physical geography to the creation of Ancient Rome.


Ask students what comes to mind when they think of Italy. Have they visited before? Brainstorm ideas then show the location of Italy and Rome on a map. Explain the importance of Ancient Rome and its impact on society today. Then have students drag the periods of history to the correct place on the timeline.


Explain the advantage of Rome’s location. The Tiber River, the Alps, and the Apennine Mountains all provide protection and resources for the Ancient Romans. Have students label the map and explain the importance of these natural landforms. Next, introduce Tarquin the Proud and explain how he was overthrown making way for the new Roman Republic. Explain what a republic is and ask students for similarities to governments in the world today. After this, introduce Julius Caesar and The Great Roman Civil War. Move on to Octavian who became the first emperor of Rome. Explain “Pax Romana” and ask students to imagine how they might keep peace in the country as emperors.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice, fill-in, and true or false questions.


Students drag events to place them in the correct order on the timeline.

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