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Our social studies lesson plans cover history, different cultures and ancient civilizations, geography, major US holidays, and other topics of social or interpersonal interest. These make up only a small part of our Library, which is made up of standards-aligned and interactive lessons that students can use at school or remotely. 

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Learning About Other Cultures

When we study ancient societies and cultures from around the world, we broaden our perspectives by learning about other ways of life which may not be familiar to us.

In our Library we offer lessons about Ancient Egypt, including on Ancient Egyptian Culture, the Geography & Daily Life of Ancient Egypt, the Old Kingdom, and the Middle and New Kingdoms. We also offer a lesson that examines the life of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt

Our lessons cover Ancient Rome in similar depth, including lessons on the Roman Republic and the Society and Government of the Roman Republic. We also cover The Early Emperors of the Roman Empire as well as the cultural and scientific contributions they made. We also have a lesson about the fall of the Roman Empire

Other ancient civilizations covered in our lessons are:

All of our lessons are integrated with activities and images to keep students engaged. Journey into the past with social studies lessons from Gynzy!


Our lessons also cover topics about the US government and, more broadly, what it means to be a good member of your community: 

These lessons all attempt to make important concepts approachable and interesting for K-8 students. Also remember that you can customize these lessons however you want. Change them slightly and present them that way or take one activity you like in particular and add it to lessons of your own. With Gynzy, the only limit is your creativity!

Major Historical Events

For slightly older students interested in history, our social studies lessons cover these major historical events:

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Geography & Spatial Awareness

Our most popular geography-based lesson is our Photo of the Day activity, which includes more than 50 photos of amazing landmarks and landscapes from around the world and includes additional information about each location. We also have lessons that cover:

Social Studies Lessons from Gynzy

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