Discover why thousands of teachers rely on Gynzy to deliver their lessons.

“Gynzy makes me feel more confident as a teacher”

Why does P.S. 214 in Queens, NYC use Gynzy? One Special Education Teacher (Mariangela D’Alleman) talks about how it saves her time creating lessons, while the Assistant Principal (Josh McPherson) has noticed Gynzy requires less professional development than some other applications.

“If you can navigate the Internet… you can use Gynzy”

Find out why Maurice River Township Elementary relies on Gynzy to help connect teachers and students. The answer for Neils Clemenson (Technology Coordinator) and Lindsey Mauriello (1st Grade Teacher) comes down to ease of use and how much time it saves teachers preparing lesson materials.

“With Gynzy it’s different – it looks easy, and it is easy”

Hear directly from Peter Moran (Technology Coordinator), Allison Okolichany (2nd Grade Teacher), and Jennifer Baker (Math Teacher) why Frenchtown Elementary School relies on Gynzy!

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