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Teaching English grammar is not easy, in part because students find it intimidating. With engaging and interactive grammar lesson plans from Gynzy, however, grammar can be an approachable and fun topic for students to learn about. These can be combined with the rest of our English lesson plans to give students all the tools they need to become stronger readers and writers.

Our grammar lesson plans cover topics such as:

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Parts of Speech

Understanding the different parts of speech in English is an important part of a student’s ELA education. With eight different classes of words, this can sound like a lot to have to remember. Luckily, Gynzy breaks these down into memorable and engaging lessons that cover:

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Proper Punctuation

Punctuation is not a sexy topic, but using punctuation correctly is an important part of effective written communication. Punctuation helps us organize information and communicate more effectively.

Ending punctuation is a good introduction to the subject. Teaching younger students about the difference between periods, exclamation points and question marks opens up many different linguistic concepts that we use in our everyday lives. 

Commas are another crucial topic in an ELA education, because commas help us create more complex sentences, organize information on the page, separate dialogue, create lists, and more. Colons and semicolons serve similar yet distinct purposes. 

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Grammar Made Easy with Gynzy

Learning about grammar has never been more fun or easy than it is with pre-made lessons and activities from Gynzy. Our platform makes it easy for you to customize our lessons, or create your own from scratch. Start browsing our Library for grammar lesson plans and begin exploring today – with Gynzy, the only limit is your creativity!