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Having access to a diverse set of digitally-accessible and Common Core-aligned lesson plans is a must for any educator. To meet this need, Gynzy offers thousands of standards-aligned lessons in our Library covering topics such as:

These lessons are standards-aligned and enriched with images, widgets, and educational games and activities that will keep students engaged and excited about learning.

Best of all is these lessons can be used as easily on an Interactive Whiteboard in a classroom as they can be in an online learning environment. Use these lessons as is, customize them to fit the needs of your class, or create your very own lessons from scratch – with Gynzy, the only limit is your creativity!

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Lessons that Build Skills in Reading & Writing

Developing better reading and writing skills is one of the most important outcomes of a young students’ education. Luckily these skills are very practical and can be built in many ways. Our ELA lessons help educators do just that.

For young students who are just learning to read, our series of letter lessons teaches students to recognize new letters. Combined with our sight word lessons, you can give students the tools they need to decode unfamiliar texts.

Understanding proper grammar is another skill that will help students be better readers and writers. This involves critical subjects like different sentence types, proper punctuation, and a thorough understanding of the different types of words and phrases:

Luckily our ELA lessons make all of these topics interesting and approachable for students thanks to games & activities such as Hangman, Sequence Stories, and Synonyms & Antonyms

Interactive Math Lessons

Being able to comfortably work with numbers is another deeply important and practical skill for students to develop. Our Math lessons cover foundational topics like addition and subtraction and multiplication tables, as well as practical lessons about counting and handling money. 

We also offer many lessons that cover fractions. Get started by learning to find common denominators, or by learning to simplify fractions to make them easier to work with. To help students draw real-world parallels to fractions, try our lesson on Fractions from Real Life Examples.

Gynzy also offers tools that are helpful for building or customizing your own math lessons, such as the digital abacus or the number line. For a fun twist on teaching math, try one of our educational math games such as Fruit Pirate: Addition and Subtraction and Fruit Pirate: Times Tables.

Invest in Yourself with Social Emotional Learning

Nobody performs at their best when they are anxious, angry, or upset. These unpleasant emotions are an inevitable part of life, however, and so we should develop strategies for working through them in a healthy way. Doing so is very important for our mental health.

It’s important to introduce the concept of mental health to young students so they become comfortable expressing their emotions. One way we can better know ourselves is to learn about mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply the state of slowing down and noticing how you feel in the present moment. By acknowledging our feelings head on, we are better able to direct our actions and behavior. 

SEL isn’t necessarily one thing that can be studied or tested but is something to be aware of every day. For that, our Daily SEL activities (K-3, 4-8) will help students get into a good headspace to learn. 

Learn about Science with These Lessons

Science gives us a view into how the world works, whether it’s how our hearts work, how many different animal types there are, how tornadoes work, or why the seasons change.

A good example of this is our Introduction to Volcanoes lesson, which can be followed up with volcanic landforms and geothermal activity to teach students more about the characteristics of volcanoes. Gynzy also has animal-themed lessons about:

Another important scientific topic we feature heavily on Gynzy is that of conservation, and how humans affect the Earth’s environment. Our conservation-themed lesson plans go beyond recycling and includes information about the entire Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle approach to reducing unnecessary waste. 

Learn about History from All Over the Globe

Our social studies curriculum covers historical subjects from around the world and looks closely at US history, including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Students can also learn about the geography of the original thirteen colonies

Our lessons also celebrate people who helped abolish slavery and who fought for civil rights, particularly Martin Luther King Jr. and Ruby Bridges. Our lessons about The Women’s Suffrage Movement and Black History Month cover similar themes. 

For world history, our Library has lessons dedicated to ancient civilizations from around the world:

Learn more about world and US history with Gynzy!

Create a Digital Curriculum with Gynzy

Gynzy has thousands of pre-made lessons and activities for K-8 students that are fun to use in both a classroom and online learning environment. Create your own online lesson plans by using or customizing our existing lessons, or creating your own from scratch. With Gynzy, the only limit is your imagination!

Who Creates Gynzy Lessons?

The lessons on our Library are created by our team of Gynzy Authors, a group of current and former educators who use the Gynzy Whiteboard to make engaging lessons and activities. For consistency, our lessons all follow the same basic structure and are reviewed internally before publication.

Our hope is these pre-made, standards-aligned lessons help educators save time on lesson planning, whether you use them as is or customize them to fit the needs of your classroom.

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