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Mathematical concepts build on top of each other, so it’s important that students engage with the material being taught. These math lesson plans for your Interactive Whiteboard are enriched with easy-to-understand visualizations and fun classroom activities that help engage students like never before. Topics covered include:

  • Counting
  • Operations & Algebra
  • Fractions
  • Measurement & Data
  • And more, including games & activities

Below we’ll highlight the interactive lesson plans we offer for different grade levels. We also encourage you to browse our math-based educational games such as Math Puzzles, Sudoku, and Connect the Dots – Multiplication.

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Math Lessons for K-2

Counting is one of the most important early math concepts young students need to be taught. This is a skill that lends itself well to the visual nature of an Interactive Whiteboard. Gynzy has many quality lessons that teach students to recognize and compare quantities, such as:

Along with learning to count and recognizing differences in quantities, Kindergarten and early primary school is a time for students to learn basic addition and subtraction. One great way to introduce this concept is with Number Bond Charts. We also have lessons dedicated to addition and subtraction such as:

The ability to count money is a related skill that is also very important for students. Gynzy makes teaching students about currency easier than ever with our Money Drag widget, which lets you choose whatever denominations of coins and bills you’d like students to practice with. We also have lessons focused on money such as:

Still looking for ways to get your students excited about math? We recommend our Math and Movement lessons to get your students energized and ready to learn! 

Grade 3 – 5 Math Lesson Plans

One subject that can seem intimidating to students are fractions, in part because they are difficult to visualize. Gynzy makes this subject more approachable with easy-to-use tools such as the Fraction Bar and Fraction Circle. We also offer numerous fraction lesson plans:

The concept of decimal points can be difficult for students to visualize for similar reasons as fractions. Math lesson plans that are enriched with widgets, illustrations and other multimedia can thus be a great way to teach students this concept. Gynzy has numerous lessons on decimals including:

Gynzy also offers more advanced lesson plans for students in grades 6-8 that take these math concepts a bit further. Explore our library and start enriching your math curriculum today!

Lesson Plans that Make Math Fun

Math lesson plans that are enriched with games & activities, clear visualizations, and other multimedia can help modern students get more comfortable learning math. Create an account to begin exploring the Gynzy Library today!