Kindergarten Sight Word Lesson Plans

Sight word lessons designed to help young students learn to read

It’s never too early to introduce a student to sight words to build their vocabulary–and repetition is key! For many students, kindergarten is the first time that they are formally taught the skills needed to read, and sight words are a critical part of this.

Sight words are common words that a student should memorize and recognize “on sight.” This allows them to spend time interpreting more complex words rather than the most common words that make up the majority of newspapers and other texts, giving students a foundation to help them get comfortable with reading.

Gynzy offers kindergarten sight word lessons that are engaging, customizable, and filled with games and activities.

Sight Words Lessons for Kindergarten

Gynzy is loaded with sight word lessons to help students recognize and remember these foundational words. Some of these lessons cover words that are considered “pre-K” sight words and are more introductory, such as:

These kindergarten sight word lesson plans cover sight words that mostly fall within the Kindergarten-level Dolch sight word list:

Remember that when using Gynzy, you can use our lessons as is or customize them to fit the needs of your classroom. You can also create your own from scratch!

Games That Help Teach Sight Words

To help students retain what they’ve learned, it’s helpful to break up lessons with games that will help students continue to get comfortable recognizing the new words they’ve learned. Gynzy is loaded with learning games that can help grow a students’ vocabulary, such as:

These games can be enjoyed on their own, or they can be inserted into other sight words lessons, whether you have customized the ones from our Library or created your own from scratch.

Sight Words Lessons on Word Classes

Most sight words are nouns, adjectives, and verbs (and our lessons about those words are included below). However, some of the most critical sight words which can be harder to visualize are prepositions, pronouns, and prepositions. Here are lessons on these critical class of sight words:

Some of these lessons are a bit more advanced than introductory sight words. However, these classes of words help give structure to English and are critical in becoming a better reader and writer. The sight words below are made up of more nouns, verbs, and adjectives and are a bit easier for students to grasp and visualize.

Learn to Read with Gynzy Lessons

We at Gynzy are committed to helping students become better readers and writers. We offer an array of English lesson plans to help students of all ages develop to read, write and think critically, including phonics lessons for developing readers.

You can explore our Library to find the rest of our pre-made lesson plans that are enriched with activities, discussions, and multimedia to keep students engaged like never before.