Dolch sight words: up, go, see

Dolch sight words: up, go, see

I can recognize and read the words, "up", "go", and "see."

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Dolch sight words: up, go, see

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Sight words are commonly-used words that often have irregular spellings, making them a good candidate for young readers to memorize so that they can focus on 'decoding' the rest of the text.

The sight words in this lesson, 'up,' 'go,' and 'see,' are reinforced through many different activities that get students moving and thinking about common words they hear and use.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize the sight words "up", "go", and "see."


To start, students will identify the letters of the alphabet.


These activities focus on the context you might see these words used. As two of the words are verbs, some of the activities students physically moving around.

Students will also be given scrambled versions of the words and be asked to rearrange them so they are spelled correctly. Another activity has students write the word in the air with their fingers to practice the motions.


Students are given ten questions in which they are asked to recognize the sight words from the lesson. They must determine the order of the letters, listen to a spoken word and select the word, and listen to a spelled out word and select the word. This quiz heavily utilizes our text-to-speech tool so that students can practice matching the words they hear with letters and words on the page.


Have students draw three pictures, one to represent each sight word covered: up, go, and see.

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