Save the Robot

Play a game of "Save the Robot" and try to guess the words in time!

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Save the Robot

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Use your own words to play this fun game of "Save the Robot." It is a great way for students to practice their spelling and vocabulary in a fun and interactive learning environment! In this version of the popular game, you are given the opportunity to enter as many of your own words as you want. These words will then be chosen at random, allowing you to match the game to whatever other themes or activities are taking place in your classroom.

Save the robot hangman

Playing the Game

Not only is Save the Robot a great way to practice vocabulary and spelling, but it is also a good opportunity to meet our robot friend, Virko. You have 9 chances to pick the wrong letters, and every time you do, some part of Virko will break. Letters that you have already guessed appear in a box in the top-left of the page so that you never lose track.

Teaching Tips Consider splitting your class into teams to foster a friendly sense of competition. By using our Timer or Hourglass tools, you can decide how long each team should have to choose a letter. For an added challenge, don't let your students write anything down while they brainstorm. Collaboration is key!

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