Fry sight words: the, of, and

Fry sight words: the, of, and

I can recognize and read the words, "the," "of," and "and."

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Fry sight words: the, of, and

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Sight words are frequently-occurring words that often have irregular spellings. This particular lesson introduces students to the words "the," "of," and "and," three of the most common words in the English language.



Learning objective

This lesson will teach students to recognize, read, and write the words "the," "of," and "and."


The intro of this lesson has student name and recognize the 26 different letters of the alphabet.


The first activity shows the word used in context ("the box"). Next students practice writing the word in the air with their finger, then talk with a partner about how to spell the word. Another activity scrambles the word, requiring students to reassemble the letters to spell the world correctly. Then, a spin the wheel activity gives four other quick activities students could do to reinforce their understanding of the word being discussed.


These problems use our text-to-speech tool so that students can practice recognizing and then spelling and using "the," "of," and "and" correctly.


Students get to play Hangman to practice spelling the words one more time!

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