Fry sight words: I, can, a

Fry sight words: I, can, a

I can recognize and read the words, "I," "can," and "a."

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Fry sight words: I, can, a

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Sight words help young students to confidently approach reading, even if they are not yet able to decode every word. Our comprehensive series of lessons on sight words help students visualize familiar words, so they become more comfortable decoding unfamiliar words.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to recognize and understand the words "I," "can," and "a."


Students will review uppercase and lowercase letters in the alphabet. Then, they will discuss sight words and explain that memorizing sight words will make reading easier because sometimes it is not possible to sound them out.


The lesson goes through the same process for each of the three sight words. First, the word is introduced and used in sentences. After that, the teacher will lead students in saying the word, spelling the word, air writing the word, and using the word in a sentence. The teacher will remove covers over words, and students will then stand up if they see a new sight word. They will do another recognition activity involving thumbs up or down if they see the word. Students will drag letters to make all three sight words from this lesson.


These 10 questions utilize Gynzy's text-to-speech widget to sound out words. Students are asked to identify the sight words "can," "I," and "a."


Students will explain how being able to build and read sight words makes them a stronger reader. Ask students to spell the words. Students will highlight the sight words learned in this lesson in different colors. Finally, they will look at a bunch of words and circle all the sight words from this lesson.

Teaching tips

Invite students up to the Interactive Whiteboard to have them trace the ending activity involving tracing the reviewed sight words.

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