Dolch sight words: All, get, did

Dolch sight words: All, get, did

I can build and read sight words, "all," "get," and "did."

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Dolch sight words: All, get, did

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Students learn to master the sight words “all,” “get,” and “did” through various activities.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and read the words “all,” “get,” and “did.”


Ask the class to draw a line between matching sight words. As they draw a line, ask students to say the sight word. Discuss sight words with the class and explain that knowing sight words will make reading easier. Sight words are words that are very frequent in stories or texts.


The lesson goes through the same process for each of the three sight words. You can select which sight word to teach by using the blue menu on the bottom right. First, the word is introduced. Give examples of the word in a sentence. See and say the word, then say and spell the word. Students then tap the word on their arm and practice writing the word. Complete the word by filling in the missing letters. Then drive the car to the spoken sight word. Ask students to circle all the spoken sight words. Have students create the word with the given letters. The final activity with each sight word varies.


Students are given ten questions in which they are asked to listen to the speaker and rearrange the letters to spell the word they hear, to determine which word has been said, and to find the speaker who says a given word.


Explain how being able to build and read sight words makes you a stronger reader. Ask students how to spell the words. Students then drag colors to their corresponding words.

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