Context clues

Use context clues to replace the vocabulary words!

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Context clues

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This activity provides you with a series of 11 context clues exercises to practice with your students. In these exercises, students use context clues to drag the correct word that best replaces the one used in a sentence. The vocabulary words used in the exercises are grade-appropriate but challenging enough for students. For example, students will be exposed to words like, "intermittently," "tenacious," and "incredulous."

Vocabulary instruction is incredibly important for reading comprehension and these exercises are a great way to help students practice this reading skill. As an extra vocabulary practice opportunity, have your students identify the part of speech of each word as it is used in the sentence. Add these words to your vocabulary list in your classroom and encourage your students to use them in their own writing. When students are repeatedly exposed to new words and encouraged to use them, they are more likely to remember them.

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Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify the words which would best define the unknown words in sentences by using context clues.


Students will read sentences with unknown words, such as "tenacious," and drag known words to replace them.

Teaching tips

A link to each exercise is located on the "contents" page at the start of the lesson. Drag the green checkmark on the "contents" page to keep track of the exercises you've already completed. Feel free to modify each exercise to fit the specific needs of your students, copy them into your own lessons, or use them as an effective "Do Now..." activity for students to complete as soon as they walk into the classroom.

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