Dolch sight words: one, my, big
Dolch sight words: one, my, big

Dolch sight words: one, my, big

I can build and read sight words, "one," "my," and "big."

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In order to encourage developing readers to work their way through an unfamiliar text, it's helpful to give them a baseline of commonly used words they can identify. Such words that are best identified "on sight" are called sight words. This lesson teaches students to recognize and read the words, "one," "my," and "big."



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and read the words, "one," "my," and "big."


Have students take turns drawing lines from the upper case letter to the appropriate lower case letter.


Students will practice spelling the words as well as writing them in the air with their fingers. They will then be given a bank of scrambled letters with the task of arranging the letters correctly to spell the sight word being discussed.


These problems help students practice recognizing and correctly spelling the sight words from this lesson.


Students will explain how being able to build and read sight words makes them stronger readers. Ask students to spell the words. Finally, students will listen to the sight words and drag the corresponding words to match.

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