Phonics Lesson Plans

Teach young readers to decode new words with phonics lessons from Gynzy.

Teaching Phonics and Word Recognition

Phonics, or the relationship between letters and sounds, gives students the skills to start reading and decoding unfamiliar words rather than relying on context clues elsewhere in the text. 

But how does a teacher teach these skills while keeping children interested in reading?

Whether it's phonics lesson plans for kindergarten or for slightly older students, a good place to start is with our lessons about decoding single-syllable words:

While the strategies a teacher uses to teach literacy skills will vary by classroom, most teachers settle on a combination of phonics instruction, sight words and irregular spellings, and reading fun texts. 

Our lessons about decoding multisyllabic words and recognizing vowel “teams” include:

Give students frequent opportunities to develop their skills with fun games and activities. These lessons cover additional phonics concepts for developing readers and are enriched with activities to help students remember what they’ve been taught:

Our more advanced lessons are located in our phonics lesson library. There you'll find additional lessons covering topics such as irregularly spelled words, prefixes and suffixes, and additional sight words

More Lessons for Developing Readers

Learning to read is one of the most basic skills we can give our students!

Discover our English lesson plans for students K-8, and develop these skills that work both in a classroom or an online learning environment.  

Who Creates Gynzy Lessons?

Our lessons are created by a team of Gynzy Authors. All lessons follow the same basic structure and are reviewed internally before publication.

Gynzy helps you save time on lesson planning because you lessons from our library as-is, or as a starting point to customize them to the needs of your classroom!