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Sight word lessons designed to help young students learn to read

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It is never too early to begin introducing a child to sight words to build their vocabulary, and repetition is key for students regardless of grade or skill level. For many students, kindergarten is the first time that they are formally taught the skills needed to read. One common starting strategy is to teach sight words. 

Sight words are common words that a student memorizes and automates. This allows them to spend their “decoding” and interpreting time on words that carry more meaning for a text, instead of on a sight word. And as sight words make up the majority of English newspapers and children’s books, it gives them a huge leg-up on reading!

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Sight Words Lessons for Kindergarten

Students learn at different paces and acquire different words early in life, and teachers may choose to emphasize different sight words in their curriculum. Gynzy offers 27 Kindergarten-level sight word lessons which each cover three unique sight words and include fun activities to help students remember the words.

Although all of our lessons listed below are appropriate for Kindergarten, some lessons are made up predominantly of Pre-K sight words while others focus on Kindergarten sight words. The lessons with an introductory focus are:

These kindergarten sight word lesson plans cover sight words that mostly fall within the Kindergarten-level Dolch sight word list:

Remember that when using Gynzy, you can use and customize the lessons on our Library, or create your own from scratch. Whichever you choose, consider adding a Hangman activity or implementing Flash Cards to give students another way to engage with the words given.

Learn to Read with Gynzy Lessons

We at Gynzy are committed to helping students become better readers and writers. We offer an array of English lesson plans to help students of all ages develop to read, write and think critically, including phonics lessons for developing readers.

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