Segment single-syllable words into phonemes

Segment single-syllable words into phonemes

I can segment words into individual sounds (phonemes) and count the sounds in a

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Segment single-syllable words into phonemes

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In this lesson, students will practice listening for all phonemes in single-syllable words. They will look at printed words and segment them by phoneme. Students can also tap out each phoneme as they say them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to segment words into phonemes and count the phonemes in single-syllable words.


Students will look at a few single-syllable words and choose the picture that matches the word.


Students will be introduced to segmenting phonemes. Discuss what a phoneme is and how to segment it.

Students will engage in activities that include: looking at a picture and drawing an X for each phoneme they hear in a word, writing down the number of phonemes they hear in words, and being a pet detective and looking at pictures of animals and fill in the missing letters.


Students will complete 10 questions in which they practice identifying the number of phonemes that they hear in words.


Split the class into 2 teams and play tic-tac-toe by segmenting words into phonemes. If they segment a word correctly, they get to mark the board with an X or O.

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