Decode two-syllable words with long vowels
Decode two-syllable words with long vowels

Decode two-syllable words with long vowels

I can decode two-syllable words with long vowels.

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In this lesson, students will learn strategies to separate two-syllable words and identify the long vowel sounds in these words.



Learning objective

Students will be able to decode two-syllable words with long vowels.


Students will review long vowels and the four ways to form long vowel sounds. They will read words, such as "coat" and "unicycle," and determine which long vowel sound they hear. Discuss why it is important to learn about two-syllable and long vowel words.


Introduce the V/CV or "Tiger Rule": when one consonant comes between two vowels, we divide after the first vowel or before the consonant. For example, divide the word, "Tiger" into "Ti/ger." Students will practice this rule with words, including "unit" and "bonus."

Next, students will practice the V/V or "Lion Rule": when each vowel has a separate sound and does not make a recognizable word, we divide between the vowels (e.g., "Li/on"). Students will find both vowels to divide the two-syllable long vowels in words, such as "trial" and "poet."

They will look at a list of two-syllable words and draw a line through each word to break them into syllables. Students will then sort two-syllable words by their long vowels. They will read five sentences and underline any two-syllable words that contain a long vowel sound.


Students will respond to ten questions which review decoding two-syllable words with long vowels.


Students will recall:
- What are some two-syllable words with long vowels?
- What are some rules you can follow when decoding words?

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