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Combine our lessons & activities with a video conferencing tool to enrich your online learning capabilities.

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated why educators need ready access to online learning materials that they feel confident in and that students enjoy engaging with. Our mission at Gynzy is to provide educators with standards-aligned lesson plans that can be customized and used as easily in an online learning environment as in a classroom.

To keep students engaged no matter where learning takes place, our lessons are enriched with fun educational games, interactive classroom activities, discussion prompts, and images and videos. Our lessons also cover subjects in:

Gynzy can be easily accessed from any Internet-connected laptop, desktop, interactive whiteboard, or tablet. 

How Can Gynzy Keep Me Organized for Distance Learning?

The primary benefit our users get from Gynzy is access to our online whiteboard and Library of lesson plans, games, activities, and classroom management tools. All of our lessons can be used as is or easily customized to fit the needs of your class. 

You can also use our whiteboard to easily create new lessons of your own, and then save them to your account and organize them into folders for easy navigation. By upgrading to a site license, you will then be able to easily collaborate with other users in your school or district. 

Gynzy is your all-in-one solution to the challenges online learning poses. For starters, our platform is highly visual which is ideal for students of all ages, as well as students with disabilities. All of our lessons include images to help students visualize the concepts being discussed. Users can also search our image library to add images of their own, or upload images from your Google Drive account and then add those to your lessons. 

Google integrations are another element of Gynzy that makes it an ideal online learning platform. Aside from uploading images from Google Drive, users are also able to share lessons directly to Google ClassroomGynzy is also Google single sign in (SSO) capable, reducing the number of username/password combinations you need to remember. 

What’s the Best Way to Present & Deliver Gynzy Lessons?

Gynzy was originally designed to be used on an Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom but we’ve been impressed at the ways our users have adapted the platform to online learning. For starters, you may want to utilize a video conferencing platform if your school is doing synchronous online learning. To help you with that, we’ve created manuals with tips for using Gynzy with Zoom and Hangouts Meet

If your school is doing asynchronous online learning to accommodate students who may have Internet-access limitations, you can also record your lessons as YouTube videos for your students to access at their convenience. One of the pervasive challenges of online learning is not having firsthand knowledge of a student’s learning environment, and to overcome this challenge, it may be best to give students multiple access points to your lessons.

If your school is having you teach from an Interactive Whiteboard and streaming to students or recording a video, you have additional flexibility in how you use Gynzy to facilitate online learning for your students.

For more tips on how to make online learning work for you and your students, check out our page on distance learning tips and tricks.

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Online learning has introduced new challenges into the classroom, but with new challenges come new opportunities. We have seen firsthand how our users have adapted Gynzy to meet the unique needs of their students and we hope that you have the same experience.