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Turn your Interactive Whiteboard into a central teaching hub

Gynzy makes any digital display easy to use.

Empowering teachers

Gynzy works on any Interactive Whiteboard or other Internet-connected device. So, no matter which technology is available in the classroom, integrating digital media and interactive exercises feels familiar. 

Search content from the Gynzy library, embed YouTube videos, and upload your own content—all from within Gynzy!

Engaging students

The use of Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom is associated with better student outcomes, mostly by providing Internet access, visual aids, and interactive classroom activities. 

With interactive learning games from the Gynzy Library, you can introduce engaging activities in the classroom and change how students engage with subject matter.

Build lessons right from the board

Use the Gynzy Whiteboard functions to build, save, and organize your own lessons into folders. Everything you need to create and customize is available all in one place!

Want to create lessons with a consistent look and feel? Learn about page templates.

Experience effortless classroom management

With a single tap on the screen, you can switch from lesson instruction to classroom management in an instant.

Use tools like Voice Level Meter, Timers, and Traffic Light to keep class on schedule and provide visual cues for how students should behave.

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