digibord with hourglass timer and normal timer

Keep Your Classroom Running Smoothly

Turn repetitive tasks into effective routines students rely on.

Start with the basics

Teaching tools should be intuitive for you and engaging for students.

Here are a few we can recommend to get started.

classroom seating chart
interactive whiteboard with classroom management tools

Signal the right behavior

Use these tools to provide visual cues and help students understand the most appropriate behavior for different situations.

Keep students on time

Are your students learning to tell time? Are you teaching students to manage their time while working independently?

Get creative with clocks and timers!

clocks and timers

What teachers say

Keep class on schedule

No matter what grade you teach or how many students you have, it’s important you get to everything that’s planned for the day.

Keep your class on schedule from the Gynzy Whiteboard without disrupting the flow of your lesson.

class schedule gif

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