After a long, bitter winter Easter is finally hopping its way onto our calendars and into our classrooms! Utilize your interactive whiteboard and get your students interested in the material by introducing some fun Easter themed activities into your lesson plans this April. Choose from these popular Gynzy resources that cater to a variety of academic subjects and gradse and are sure to bring a little spring time holiday spirit into your school.

1) Name: Pie Chart and Histogram

Subject: Mathematics
Grades: 3-8

What could be more fun than a lesson on candy? Ask students to collect data from their treat filled Easter baskets and model the number of jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and marshmallow chicks they received on an easy to read pie chart. Add as many entry fields as students have varieties of candy and determine the percentages of each per basket or try collecting data for the entire class. Math has never been so sweet!

2) Name: Life Cycle of a Plant

Subject: Science
Grades: 3-8

Easter and spring time are all about rebirth so learning about the life cycle of plants proves quite seasonally appropriate. Explore the various phases of a plant’s life from germination to seed dispersal through this animated all-class activity that can be experienced at any pace and utilize labels as needed. Satisfy your students’ insatiable appetite for science with similar activities featuring the life cycles of frogs and butterflies!

3) Name: Spring Words

Subject: Language Arts
Grades: K-3

“Spring” into some vocabulary work with this grab bag of fun and challenging language arts games that feature Easter friendly flora and fauna-themed words. Students can work as individuals, pairs, and teams to match words that share the same first letter, find rhyming words, connect words to corresponding images, and clap out syllables.

4) Name: Quiz Maker

Subject: Extra
Grades: K-8

Put students in the hot seat and get the whole class involved with a spirited, customizable multiple choice quiz. Ask students what Easter eggs represent, where the idea of the Easter Bunny originated, or create holiday-themed word problems to solve. The possibilities are endless and the entertainment guaranteed!