5 Jamboard Alternatives for Teachers in 2024

July 5, 2024
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Google Jamboard has been a popular choice for interactive whiteboarding in classrooms and collaborative workspaces. 

As news circulates about Jamboard going away on December 31, 2024, educators and professionals are seeking reliable alternatives. 

Google has explained that they’ve decided to focus on core content collaboration across Docs, Sheets, and Slides. As a result, finding a suitable Jamboard replacement has become a priority.

Jamboard alternatives to consider

1) Gynzy: Teaching resources for interactive whiteboards

Gynzy is an interactive teaching platform with a user-friendly digital whiteboard and a suite of tools designed for classroom touchscreens.

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  • Developed for educational use.

  • Extensive library of educational content.

  • User-friendly interface that promotes interactive learning.

2) Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard offers a robust set of features, including real-time collaboration, sticky notes, image stacking, and an infinite canvas. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications.

microsoft whiteboard logo


  • Seamless integration with Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Familiar interface for existing Microsoft users.

  • Powerful collaborative capabilities.

3) Miro

Miro is a versatile online whiteboard platform designed for team collaboration. It supports a variety of templates, real-time editing, and integration with third-party apps like Slack, Trello, and Google Drive.

miro logo


  • Intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset.

  • Extensive third-party app integrations.

  • Can be used for both educational and professional settings.

4) Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app that allows users to create engaging presentations and collaborate in real time. It offers a range of multimedia tools, including video recording and animation.

logo of explain everything


Recording capabilities allow for the creation of dynamic lessons.

Versatile tools for drawing, annotating, and animating.

5) Zoom Whiteboard

As part of Zoom’s suite of tools, the Zoom Whiteboard facilitates interactive meetings and collaboration. It provides easy access during Zoom meetings and supports annotations, drawing, and text editing.

zoom whiteboard logo


  • Integrated seamlessly with Zoom meetings.

  • Enhances collaboration without switching platforms.

  • Supports annotations, drawing, and text editing.

About the author Michael Lambarena
Michael is a language enthusiast whose favorite Gynzy content includes letter formation and handwriting practice lessons. Fun fact: he won his elementary spelling competition with the word ‘Galilean’!

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