How to Use YouTube Without Ads (for Teachers)

March 27, 2024
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With Gynzy you can use YouTube videos in your lessons, minus the ads, at no extra cost.

Yes, you read that right—ad-free videos, for free! 

A gif showing how teachers can embed ad-free videos from YouTube
YouTube without ads in Gynzy

Let’s be honest, using videos in a lesson can make any topic more interesting.

Whether it's a documentary that brings the past to life, a science clip that ignites curiosity, or a math tutorial that breaks down complex problems, a well-placed video can enrich the learning experience in more ways than one.

Pesky Ads are a Buzzkill

There's nothing like a random ad popping up to ruin the momentum of your meticulously planned lesson. 

Maintaining a focused learning environment is key, and uninterrupted videos play a big part in that.

What are Options to Remove Ads from YouTube for School?

YouTube Premium promises an ad-free experience, but it’s often just not feasible for educators operating on tight budgets or schools that prioritize funds elsewhere. 

Here's how you can achieve the same results using Gynzy, at no extra cost.

1) Search and embed

A gif showing how teachers can embed ad-free videos from YouTube
Embed videos in lesson slides
  • Open the digital whiteboard

  • Click on the ‘Add media’ toolbar icon

  • Click on ‘Videos’

  • Search YouTube using the search bar

  • Click on a video thumbnail to add it to your slide

2) Create a playlist

A gif showing how to create ad-free youtube playlists
Use the Video Player tool to create playlists

It’s that simple! YouTube videos will automatically play ad-free from within your Gynzy slides.

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About the author Michael Lambarena
Michael is a language enthusiast whose favorite Gynzy content includes letter formation and handwriting practice lessons. Fun fact: he won his elementary spelling competition with the word ‘Galilean’!

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