Students in kindergarten are still learning skills they will need to succeed in school, their relationships, and in life. It’s important to have a source of age-appropriate kindergarten lesson plans to teach young students the skills they’ll need to excel. 

Our standards-aligned lesson plans are enriched with games, activities, and multimedia to keep students engaged in the classroom or in an online learning environment. They are also fully customizable – just create a Gynzy account today to begin exploring our Library. 

Sight Word Lessons for Kindergarten

Sight words are common words that young students should learn because it will help them make inferences about less-common words they find in a text. Our sight word lessons for kindergarten are enriched with games and activities to help students learn the material.

Best of all, our lessons can be used in an online learning environment just as easily as in the classroom. Sight word lessons for kindergarteners include:

Sight word lessons are only a small part of our ELA lesson plans for kindergarten. We also offer lessons on different word forms and a series of lessons dedicated to printing letters. 

Addition and Subtraction Lessons

If you need lessons to help teach young students about addition, subtraction, and the number line, Gynzy’s got you covered. Our math lessons are integrated with many games, activities, and other interactive elements to help students stay engaged in the material. One favorite is the Math Puzzle activity, which adds a fun visual element to learning math. 

Relevant Gynzy math lessons for kindergarteners include:

These are only a small selection of our kindergarten math lessons! Be sure to browse our Library to find others that your students will enjoy – we offer math lesson plans in a variety of topics for young students. 

Recycling & Sustainability

It’s important to establish good, sustainable habits at a young age so we can be more responsible members of the community. Our recent series of Earth Day lesson plans presented reasonable steps we can all take to reduce unnecessary waste and protect our environment.

While we typically think of recycling when we think of ways to help the environment, that’s actually the last step we should consider in the waste hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. Before we look to dispose of something, we should first look to reduce the amount of waste we need in the first place, and then look to reuse these items before finally deciding to recycle them.

Just as important as reducing our waste is preserving our precious natural resources. Our lesson on saving water lays out strategies for saving water, arguably our most valuable resource. Students can also learn easy strategies to save electricity and reduce plastic waste.

Gynzy lessons can help kindergarteners learn all types of valuable skills!

Social Emotional Learning

Every student will face stress and conflict in life, and so it’s important that we learn healthy skills and strategies we can use to cope with these stressors. We can also help students avoid conflict in the first place by understanding what is expected of them.

Learning to differentiate between our wants and needs can help us appreciate the things we have. This lesson is complete with activities where students are asked to list out their own personal wants and needs. These activities come with printable worksheets to give students another way to learn!

Conflict resolution skills can help us in many areas of our life. By working with others to solve conflicts, we grow and learn to overcome new challenges. We can also work to avoid unnecessary conflict by displaying responsible classroom behavior, and by respecting the boundaries and wishes of other people.

Gynzy lessons can help young students learn skills they will use throughout their lives!

Build Important Skills with Gynzy Lesson Plans

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