In the next couple of weeks we would like to introduce you to the Gynzy team. This week we introduce you to Tim.

Meet Tim: One of the guys that build new tools

Hi, I am Tim van den Eijnden, I am one of the Software Developers at Gynzy. Every workday I take the train or ride my bicycle to the Gynzy office. Each morning we start with our daily meeting to inform all of the developers and designers about what each person is doing. After the meeting I boot-up my Mac and continue to work on a specific task where I had left off the day before or I pick up a new task. Most of the time I am building new tools. Basically and as simply put as possible, I make the tools work. The designers create the visuals and what the activity should look like, and I write the code that makes the pictures and buttons work function correctly. I make sure that the tool does the right thing when you press a button. I really like to work with the programming languages Javascript and Ruby.

At Gynzy I can utilize my best best personality traits; I am very versatile and can pick up many things at once. These qualities are quite helpful at Gynzy because we have lots of activities we want to develop and offer. Our team has a list of tasks that we complete every 2 weeks. On average we develop about 5 activities a week. Quite a lot isn’t it?  Besides that I work on the website and add new features to Gynzy. My goal is to improve Gynzy each day.

A fun fact is that if I want to know if an activity works well in the classroom, I can always ask my girlfriend. She is a teacher and uses Gynzy in her class! But, if you have any feedback regarding the functionality of the activities in Gynzy, let me know! I would love to solve these specific technical tasks! You can contact me via