On our interactive whiteboard, you are able to copy images and other elements to another page. That way you don’t have to completely recreate pages every time. This was a suggestion we heard from many teachers that we have taken into account in the development of the new board in addition to a number of keyboard shortcuts.

Copy and paste

After you have selected one or more elements on the board, you can copy them with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C and paste with CTRL + V. If you are working with a Mac, use + C  to copy and + V to paste. If you’d like to select everything on the page at the same time, use CTRL + A ( + A).

Undo and redo

On the bottom left side of the new board, there are 2 buttons. One to “Undo” and one to “Redo”. With the undo-button you can undo your last action. This can come in handy when you have made a writing error. With the undo-button you can easily go back 1 step or more.

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL + Z to “Undo” ( + Z)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z to “Redo” ( + SHIFT + Z)

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