Since Gynzy re-launched in June 2019, we’ve been working hard to create a variety of interactive teaching materials that educators can use to unlock the power of their Interactive Whiteboards. We’re happy to announce that we now have more than 800 lessons, activities, tools, and other teaching resources in our Library, with many more to come.

By organizing lessons into customizable folders on your Gynzy account, you can use your Interactive Whiteboard to meet all the specific needs of your classroom. With Gynzy, the only limit is your creativity!

Transform your Interactive Whiteboard with Gynzy

Our goal is to provide educators with all the tools they need to run their class from their Interactive Whiteboard while keeping students engaged with the material. The 800+ new teaching resources we’ve added boil down to a few categories:

  • Classroom management tools, such as Voice Levels and Traffic Light
  • Class activities, such as discussion prompts, brain games, and interactive exercises
  • Standards-aligned subject lessons in a range of topics from ELA, Math, STEM, and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Holiday and season-themed lessons that come loaded with activities and prompts that students will love

We are continually adding new tools, features, activities, and lessons to Gynzy. Every change we make is aimed at helping educators meet the needs of a 21st-century classroom. That includes integrated multimedia to keep students engaged and the functionality to organize content in a way that works for you. 

Whether you want to make use of our holiday-themed lessons, pre-made lesson plans, or you want to use our tools and widgets to create your own lesson plans, Gynzy has what you are looking for. 

Lesson Plans Made By Teachers, for Teachers

All of our lesson plans are authored by our nationwide team of over 30 K-8 educators. This ensures that new content and features we put out meet the needs that modern educators have.

With over 800 teaching resources on the updated Gynzy board, we expect to double our output of new tools, features, and content in 2020. In particular, we are excited to extend our coverage of Science and Social Studies standards, as well as complete our coverage in ELA and Math.

As we continue to develop our content, we are especially excited to add new bite-sized activities, interactive exercises, and discussion prompts. Let Gynzy enrich your lessons by integrating classroom activities, discussion prompts, and brain games into your material!

Start Customizing Gynzy Today

Thanks to the great feedback and contributions we have received from our network of Gynzy users, Authors, and teachers, we are confident Gynzy has something to help every educator enrich their classroom.

Through a combination of bite-sized activities, images and YouTube videos, class management tools, and a wealth of standards-aligned subject lessons, Gynzy can save you time and keep your students more engaged with your lesson plans.

Create an account today to unlock the power of your Interactive Whiteboard!