Navigating the Gynzy Library and finding your favorite tools, lessons & activities is easier than ever after our recent overhaul to the search and filter functionality. Simply create an account to begin presenting, editing and creating Gynzy lessons!

Categories and Filters

One important change has come to how we offer categories and filters. These are now visible on the left side of the Library. You can use these to refine your search by content, type, and grade level.

Filtering the Gynzy Library

The categories and filters in the library

Filter by type

The Library has different kinds of content. This content has been divided into the following types:

  • Lesson: a Gynzy lesson has a specific structure and is related to a skill we want students to learn.
  • Presentation: an idea for a lesson series or content–not specifically tied to an individual skill–but does contain something to learn.
  • Activity: an activity to do during the lesson, often shorter or more focused than a lesson or lesson idea.
  • Template: a template offers reusable content for teachers to use in their own lessons.
  • Tool: an interactive element that you can open on the board or add to a lesson. Many tools have settings to personalize for use in your classroom.

Refining Searches

Search filters can be used in combination with keywords that are entered in the search bar. If you search for the key word “telling time” you can then also refine the search results using the filters on the left side. 

If you are only interested in our pre-made lessons you can select “lesson” as a filter. You can also restrict the results to only show lessons by selecting the option of lessons in the ‘Type’ filter. Do you only want to see tools? Then select the ‘Tools’ type.

The filters you choose from the left side are shown under the search bar in the form of small labels. You can easily see which filters are active and easily remove a filter if you want to make a change.

New: Related Search Results

The library also shows related search results when you make use of filters or categories. You first are given the most relevant results that fall within the parameters your selected category and filters. Below those results we show the related search results. This means you won’t miss any tools or lessons when you make use of filters.

Explore Gynzy Lesson Plans

Gynzy offers thousands of standards-aligned lesson plans for our users to present as is or edit and customize to their liking. These lessons combine activities, easy-to-use tools and widgets, and images and videos to engage students whether in a traditional classroom or online learning environment. 

The open-ended nature of the Gynzy Whiteboard makes it fun and easy for our users to create Gynzy lessons of their own and then save them to their profile in easy-to-organize folders. Gynzy is also integrated with Google Classroom to make sharing lessons as easy as possible.