New: Share Your Lessons with Google Classroom

February 19, 2020
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Share Gynzy lessons to your students using Google Classroom! Prepare it as an assignment, question, announcement or add it as material. You can share any saved lesson through Google Classroom, whether it was created by you, a colleague, or even if you found it in our library.

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Using the new button in the toolbar, you can share a saved lesson with Google Classroom.

How to share

To share a lesson that you have customized or created, first make sure it is saved. When the lesson is saved, the Share to Google Classroom button will appear in the toolbar. Click the button and sign in to Google.

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Next, select the class to share it with and choose an action (e.g. Create assignment). In the following steps you can add more information for your students. Now, the lesson will be available in your students’ Google Classroom environment.

classroom share assignment
Choose the class and an action to share the lesson.

Once you have clicked the Share to Google Classroom button, the lesson URL will be publicly accessible.

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About the author Pieter J. Smits
Pieter J. Smits
Pieter is an educator and Gynzy product expert specializing in learner motivation, spelling, and grammar.

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