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January 27, 2020
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From now on you can easily share lessons you make in the new Gynzy board with others. This way you can share your creation with colleagues within your school, your district or even to the public. This way you can work together on the best lessons and save time.

There are two ways to share lessons, namely public or within your organization (your school or the district your school belongs to).

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Share lessons publicly

A publicly shared lesson can be opened by anyone with the link (URL) of the lesson if sharing is enabled. The person who opens the link can only view the lesson and not edit it. He or she can save a copy of this lesson to his or her own lessons.

To share a lesson with an audience, proceed as follows: Go to My Lessons, click on the desired lesson, click on the options button (⋯) and then click Share link.

context menu
The lesson options menu, where you can share the link to the lesson.

After this, click Copy to copy the link (URL) to the lesson to your clipboard. You can then paste this into a message, email or social media post.

link sharing
Link sharing is automatically enabled when copying the link.

By turning off the Sharing switch again, the lesson is made inaccessible and no one can open the lesson with the link. If someone has made their own copy, that copy will still be available to them.

Share lessons with your school or district

You can move a lesson that you want to share within your school (or district) to the school or district folder. These new folders can be found in the sub-section Shared, in the Lessons section. The lessons in this can be managed by everyone in the school or district (view, edit and delete). That way you can work on the same lessons together.

school and district folder
You will find the new school folder and district folder in the “Shared” section.

You can share your own lesson with your colleagues by moving it to one of the shared folders: Go to My Lessons, click on the desired lesson, click on the options button (⋯) and then click Move.

You can then navigate to the shared folders to move your lesson there.

move to share
Move a lesson to the school or district folder to collaborate on the same lesson.

Do you not see a school or district folder? Then check whether you have linked your school to your profile page. After your school’s administrator has approved you, the school folder is displayed.

Feedback helps

At Gynzy we think your feedback is very important. We have also included feedback from teachers in the development of this new position. For example, we have added the wish to be able to share lessons at district level and it is possible for everyone in the school to manage the lessons.

Cast your votes at and let us know what you’d like to see in Gynzy and why.

About the author Pieter J. Smits
Pieter J. Smits
Pieter is an educator and Gynzy product expert specializing in learner motivation, spelling, and grammar.

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