Online Learning Made Easy with Gynzy

Combine our lessons & activities with a video conferencing tool to enrich your online learning capabilities.

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There are many reasons that a school could close for an extended period of time, whether for inclement weather or other public health concerns, such as those raised by the recent outbreak of coronavirus. By preparing your online learning curriculum ahead of time, you can be ready to keep your class moving forward with standards-aligned & engaging lesson plans no matter what.

Our lessons are filled with class discussion prompts and activities, meaning that everyone can stay involved even in an online learning environment. Our lessons also include interactive games, widgets, and activities which cover:

  • ELA (grammar, vocabulary, writing skills)
  • Math (fractions, times tables, geometry)
  • Themed lessons, like for holidays, seasons, or birthdays
  • Character development, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and other soft skills

Gynzy can be easily accessed from any Internet-connected laptop, desktop, Interactive Whiteboard, or tablet. Our software is Google-integrated for your convenience: you can sign in to Gynzy with your existing Google account, upload images directly from Google Drive, and even share lessons over Google Classroom!

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Educational Software that’s Usable Anywhere

Our pre-made lessons and activities are all enriched with widgets, games, images, and videos to help engage with modern students. Gynzy also makes it very easy for you to create your own lesson plans, or customize one of the 800+ we have in our library.

Search our built-in media library to find the perfect image, or insert our spin-the-wheel tool to create a fun, randomized activity that reinforces critical skills from your lessons. All of these interactive elements make lessons ideal for students working in an online learning environment!

E-Learning Made Easy with Gynzy

It’s important to us that students are able to learn from and engage with quality lesson plans even if school is temporarily closed due to external circumstances. In combination with any Internet-connected device and an online learning environment such as Zoom or Google Meet, Gynzy allows teachers to connect with students online as easily as in person – start creating today!

Online Learning Made Easy with Gynzy

Young students today spend more time interacting with digital screens than any other previous generation. Gynzy offers you an engaging set of lessons and activities that they can enjoy from anywhere. Our board also serves as a great platform for educators to create their own lessons. Create an account to discover for yourself.