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April 9, 2020
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You can now easily access and manage your favorite tools and lessons! You can add any item from the library to your favorites. Find out how you can do this in this post so that your favorite lessons and tools are always within reach.

Every teacher has their own preferences and we’d like to cater to individual needs. In the end, as a teacher, you know what works best for your students and what tools and lessons you use the most. To make life a little easier for you, we’ve made it possible for you to decide which content you would like to have at your fingertips.

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My favorites! Where?

Your favorites are available in two places in the new Gynzy. Both of them are recognizable by the yellow heart icon. The first place to find the yellow heart is in the sidebar on the left side in the Gynzy environment, and the second is in the toolbar on the bottom in the board environment. Once you open your favorites, you’ll notice that we already made a preselection of items for you. Those tools are the ones that most people use on a daily basis.

favorites gynzy board
Click the yellow heart icon to access your favorites in the board environment.

As the favorites are available directly from the board, it replaces the old widgets menu. The tools (or widgets) from that menu are amongst our preselection for your favorites.

How to pick your favorites?

In the library, you’ll find that all items have a little heart in the bottom right corner of the image. By clicking that heart, you can mark it as one of your favorites. You’ll also notice that the heart is already highlighted for the tools that we have preselected (e.g. the traffic light). By clicking an already highlighted heart, you remove it from your favorites.

favoriting an item
Mark items in the library as your favorites by clicking the heart in the corner.

Managing your favorites

When you view your favorites from the sidebar or from within the board, you can rearrange them into practical clusters. You can drag any favorite to a desired spot that helps you organize the content you use daily. You can also remove your favorites here. To delete a favorite, you can click the pencil in the top right corner and then click any trash bin to remove a favorite. End by clicking the pencil icon again.

manage favorites
Manage and organize your favorites: drag, order and remove with ease.

Feedback helps

At Gynzy, we think your feedback is very important.

Having favorites would make it easier and quicker to find the tools that I need throughout my day.
– Rindge Memorial School

There are some things in Gynzy I use more often than others so it is nice to have it in one space to easily access.
– Dingman Delaware Primary School

Cast your vote(s) and suggest new features at and let us know what you’d like to see in Gynzy and why.

About the author Pieter J. Smits
Pieter J. Smits
Pieter is an educator and Gynzy product expert specializing in learner motivation, spelling, and grammar.

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