A lot of our widgets can be used to help keep your students under control and paying attention. You can use them in conjunction with Gynzy tools and lessons, but also during traditional in-class activities as well.


Check out the widgets

With this guide, I’ll show you how to add the “Timer” and “Voice Levels” widgets. So first, go to the traffic light and clock icon found at the bottom right-hand side of the screen to select these widgets. You’ll find that many of our widgets allow you to interact with them. For example, you can move the hand of the “Timer” to set the time and select the desired voice level for the “Voice Levels” widget.

You can change the size of the widget by clicking the arrows found at the bottom right corner. To move the widget around, click or press on it and then drag it; get rid of it by pressing the “X” at the top right-hand side of the widget.

Some widgets have a “Settings” button which allows you to customize it to your own needs. For example you can change the alarm sound in the “Timer” widget. You can use all of our widgets in conjunction with our other resources. Simply open them up from the toolbar and the widget will just “float” on top of the tool or lesson.

A great example of using a widget with another tool is using the “Timer” with a tool like “Phonics”. By doing this you can let a student or a group of students work independently for a certain amount of time, without you actively having to keep the time for them. Another thing you could try is adding the voice level widget to let them know that they can use “table talk” while working together during this activity.

Maybe also try adding another tool, “Letter Selector”, to let them come up with their own words with randomly selected letters so they the can work on their own! You’ll see that after you “pin” the widgets they will stay up for you to use.