Math lends itself naturally to the use of games during teaching. The endless variety of number combinations as well as the ability to incorporate different math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, gives students a chance to practice and play at the same time. Using games to help reinforce math concepts also engages students who might otherwise resist this subject.

To create a true attention-grabber, introduce math games by Gynzy throughout your lessons by using your interactive whiteboard. Teach a concept then use a game to review them before moving on to the next section. This will not only help your students practice what they’ve just learned, it will also help them stay tuned-in throughout the lesson since they’ll never be sure when another game will surface!

Gynzy offers a variety of math games that educators can send to their students and integrate into their lessons. To access our online whiteboard and Library of standards-aligned educational content, create an account today. 

Multiplication and Times Tables

Multiplication games are a fun way for students to practice their times tables and help the subject seem less intimidating and more approachable. Connect the Dots gives students a fun way to practice at their own pace and is good for a personal device like a tablet. For a different challenge, our Math & Movement activity has students answer questions while jogging in place!

Other multiplication games on the Gynzy Library include:

Addition and Subtraction

Two math games that allow students to practice addition and subtraction at their own pace are Connect the Dots and our Math Puzzles which require some problem solving before students can solve the presented equation. Other addition & subtraction games include:

Number Sense & Recognition

You can also use Gynzy to play Bingo and Sudoku, as well as a few other games that can help students develop their number sense and recognition skills:

Fractions and Other Math Games & Activities

Math games are a common way to help students get started with fractions. Two popular fraction games on the Gynzy Library are Fraction Flags and Bubble: Fractions.

Other math games available on Gynzy are:

These games are a good way to get students comfortable with important math concepts. They can be paired with our math lessons to help students continue building these skills. Create a Gynzy account to get started today.